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  Audio Interview on "Art and Leadership"  
  Listen to this in depth interview on using art and artisitic processes as ways to explore leadership development and the ways of thinking and being that leaders are embracing in the rapidly emerging Conceptual Age. This audio is an hour of dialogue with Mike Jay and Sandy on some new and exciting approaches.There is also a powerpoint presentation which outlines some material that accompanies this conversation and suggests some areas for further discussion. Click to access the audio and powerpoint.  
  Paintings that explore themes of Leadership and Motivation  

The Reiss Desire Profile is an excellent tool to investigate "what makes us tick". Inner Landscapes includes a series of paintings that bring each of the sixteen core motivators outlined in the Reiss Desire Profile to life. Twenty four paintings and accompanying text are in a pdf for you to download and enjoy. 

Also preview six dynamic paintings that tell the story of focusing our attention - work that Mike Jay, master coach and leadership expert, has spent years developing through his work in industry and with leaders worldwide.

In his book "CPR for the Soul", Mike Jay show us how to create a road map to help design our life and work in alignment with who we are. Knowing and accepting our strengths and limitations is an important part of the process. Since I have started to design my approach based on focusing on what I love to and what expresses me at my best, things have really shifted and become easy and natural. You can follow this link to hear more about Mike's work and to buy a copy of his book.




A series of paintings inspired by

the Reiss Desire Profile


Download the pdf


Six paintings that accompany

Mike Jay's soon to be released

book on "Attention"

Download the pdf

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