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  You have an idea about what you would like to find in a painting, but no idea where to find something that comes close to what you have in mind. There is a "no risk" option that may result in the perfect solution. Commissions are accepted on a 100% satisfaction guarantee basis. You provide direction and specific input about your desired result and retain the final veto. If you love the painting and it meets your needs then you can say a resounding "yes" and hang it where you had imagined it would go.  
  For your home





Ana knows exactly what she wants. She had a clear vision of the kind of image she wanted to create a warm and cheery atmosphere in her large sunny kitchen. Ron and Ana have collected three paintings all together, with the same theme and colour palette. This is a terrific way to establish a feeling of harmony in your home.

Decorators call it "flow" but no matter what you call it the look on Ron and Ana's faces tells you that it totally fits the bill for them.

  There are a number of things that make this the perfect painting for Mark and Nancy's fun and funky dining room. At 40" x 40" the painting is a big enough scale to anchor a large wall. The underpainting is the same colour as the walls so the colour palette works well. Finally the wood tones in the painting resonate with the pine harvest table and furniture. Since the painting can be seen from the kitchen, the light hearted whimsical tone is perfect from morning coffee to relaxed evening dining.  
  For your business    

First  impresssions set the tone for what client's expect from your business. The art work in the foyer or meeting rooms contributes as much to a positive review as does a firm handshake and genuine greeting.

A painting that captures the essence of your organization allows you to tell the story to prospective clients. LMS Prolink displays this collage in their foyer. It is entitled "I've Got Your Back" and tells the story of their insurance and financial firm and paints a picture of what their clients can expect.

  For your inspiration        

Ellen is a 1000 watt woman who inspires people to step up to the plate and live their best life. Her enthusiasm is absolutely contagious and people are profoundly influenced by her message. This painting is a reminder that Ellen imaged for herself. Her best self is in being the candle from which others can light their own flame.

"This painting that I asked Sandy to create for me hangs in my ‘Zen’ meeting room – it not only continues to inspire me but my clients as well…all that see it love it!”           Ellen Goldhar


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