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  Visioning Through Collage  
  For Personal Development



A high impact day of creative exercises and activities designed to kick-start you toward identifying your vision and creating a strong personal image of your desired future in the form of a collage. Participants report that they use their personal vision collage as an anchor and a reference that guides them toward the fulfillment and satisfaction that comes from staying on course aligned with what's important. The collage making process is fun and "goof - proof" with no previous artistic abilities required.

"My collage is beside my bed and I'm certain that it had a lot to do with getting me to where I am now. Try anything and everything your heart desires ...something will turn up when you least expect it:  And after all, so much of this game is about the journey." A.B.





Partnering with Consultants and Coaches


The collage making process works well to either kick-start or solidify a discovery process for your clients. Elements of brainstorming, observation, serious play, staying present, prioritizing, metaphor and reflection are all parts of this artistic processes that can also enhance leadership development. This work can be integrated into your facillitation design so that the whole process flows and is linked back to your outcomes and objectives.

People come up with new ideas and possible solutions that they are excited about. The team learns a lot from each other and benefits from seeing another side of their colleagues. There is the added bonus of having a concrete reminder of their new commitments.



"Care For Nurses" creates a vision

of excellent client service


Peggy Cleary of "Partners in Performance" is a consultant and executive coach who collaborates with Sandy to bring innovative solutions to her service offerings.

"Sandy makes me look good in front of my clients. She brings wonderful, creative processes to the table, and it's fun working with her to integrate them into innovative leadership strategies. My clients think she is discerning, caring and genuine."


Pat Brown is manager of programming for "Wellspring" a network of centres that provide emotional and psychological support, free of charge, to individuals and families living with cancer.

" As a part of Wellspring's Discussion Series and Workshop program offerings, we have included 'collage making' " for our members.  I have attended one of Sandy's open workshops in the past and knew that this would be a wonderful benefit for both cancer patients and their caregivers. "


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