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Upping The Downside:

Creating Professional Resilience by Design

by Mike Jay with co-author Sandy McMullen

Most people think resiliency is about the ability to bounce back, or about having a hardy personality.

While these are partially true, the most resilient person is one who is READY FOR ANYTHING!

The more resilience you are, the more prepared you are for whatever events and circumstances
life brings you.

I'm sure you'll agree, with the stresses of today's shaky economy we all need to be much more

My colleague, Mike Jay, and 10 other authors including ME have a brand new book which was launched on March 14, 2008 and sky-rocketed to #30 on Amazon's Best Seller list that day:

UPPING the Downside: 64 Strategies to Create
Professional Resilience by Design

This book is a be-ready-for-anything guide, that should accompany all professionals into the future.

Bonus Offers

Plus, you'll also receive a gift of basic lifetime membership to Mike's Upping the Downside Club with access to additional resources, recordings, and live calls... all this for $0.

P.S. Be sure to collect your special gifts! As a way of showing our appreciation these offers will be available for  a full year for you to enjoy at your convenience.

More to come

As well as my article in Upping the Downside on "Living Artfully" as a path to resilience, I have created a 21 day course that will help you to unleash your creativity by identifiying your GENIUS.

You can go to to start receiving your free course now. It is a wonderful guide that helps anyone put the ideas in my article on artful resilience into practice.






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