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  What Makes You Tick?  

Three doors to gain self-knowledge: Two of which are brought to life by art

  1. The Reiss Desire Profile
  2. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  3. The Enneagram

The Reiss Desire Profile

In 2005 "Inner Landscapes" was an art show featured as part of International Coaching Awareness month sponsered by the Toronto chapter of the International Coaching Federation. Twenty four paintings demonstrated the sixteen core desires identified by Dr. Stephen Reiss in his research on motivation which was based on surveys with well over 10,000 participants. People immediately responded to the paintings - literaly having a visceral experience of "Oh yes that is ME or no way do I do THAT".

The Reiss Profile is an interesting way to map the possible strengths and pitfalls of relationships. You can clearly see where you are in alignment with others and where you might end up in ”relationship no man’s land”.The Reiss Profile


helps you get clarity about what you are bringing to the table. Then when you look at what it will take  to achieve your current desired outcomes, you can further reference your Reiss results to design strategies that utilize and leverage your strengths rather than expending time and energy to overcome your limitations. The Reiss Desire Profile is now available in an on-line format with a new and improved report.

The pdf of the show (shown here in black and white as a sampler) is a great way to initate a conversation or confirm a preference. Taking the online assessment and participating in a guided debrief will help you understand how to work with this new awareness.



A series of paintings inspired by

the Reiss Desire Profile


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A link for the online assessment will be sent by email. You will receive your assessment results by email once they have been tabulated.

A debrief session can be held by phone or in person. This integral part of the process is highly recommended to help you fully understand the implications of the results and to determine how to integrate this knowledge into a designed approach to achieving your outcomes.


Reiss Desire Profile online                       $60 CDN

Profile Debrief - one                                $125 CDN

Package of profile and debrief                $165 CDN


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The Myers Briggs Type Indicator

The Inner Landscapes ll show of paintings was based for a large part on the drawings and paintings of people who were familiar with their MBTI type.The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) which is a model of sixteen personality types based on Jungian psychology. Each individual who participated gave their impression of an aspect of the MBTI that was having a particular impact on their life at that time. There could be infinite possibiliies for a visual representation of each of the aspects of the MBTI. The interesting thing is how consistently people are drawn to the paintings that represented their preferences.



This show provided a step by step decision making process to help individuals to determine their MBTI type. People stood between pairs of paintings and used the written guide to help decide which of the pair was most like them. The book that eventually resulted from this guide is now a perfect introduction to this typology and a helpful tool for MBTI practitioners and professionals to use with their clients. Because this guide brings the MBTI to life in such a meaningful way, it is also a terrific leave behind that will reinforce the use of this powerful tool for self knowledge.



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The MBTI Step ll is an online tool that give a more complete picture of your own particular dynamics. This expanded report goes beyond the four letter code that makes up the 16 types and looks at where an individual might be aligned with a particular preference or "out of preference" in a particular area.

This insight helps to make sense of how a person processes in a way that is unique to them. All assessments include a debrief session to interpret results and explore what this means for ongoing development.

  • Individual assessments online
  • Team assessments and Workshops


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