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Art and Leadership

What role can art play in leadership and personal development? 

Innovation and creativity are words that are no longer solely relegated to the domain of the artist. Dan Pink in his book “A Whole New Mind” identifies six aptitudes required for the Conceptual Age – Storytelling, Play, Empathy, Symphony, Design and Meaning.  Art and the processes that artists use are a gateway into these aptitudes.




All of us – business executives and artists, audiences and consumers – benefit from seeing the world with both an aesthetic sensibility and a strategic bent....

....When you see yourself as an artist everything you do can be a work of art – planning strategies, developing technologies, creating new products, working in teams and serving customers” – Davis and McIntosh from "The Art of Business"


Download the powerpoint below to get an overview of artistic processes and habits that can contribute to our approaches to leadership.

Download the ppt



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