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  Sandy McMullen    

A 14-day trip to Haida Gwai…the Queen Charlotte Islands… 500 miles north of Vancouver Island inspired me to begin my exploration as an artist. The beauty and magic of this primeval rainforest is powerful… almost hypnotic. This experience awakened a desire that I had had as a child to express my joy and exuberance through colour.

I began my journey at the Art Gallery of Ontario in 1989, exploring the basics of line, shape and composition…and was a “regular” there for several years. Learning from working artists in an open and rich environment was the perfect beginning.


I continued to develop my own voice through workshops in watercolour, oil and acrylic at the Haliburton School of Fine Art, the Toronto School of Art and through the inspiration of many artist/teachers who opened doors to new ways of seeing. It is important to my development to continue to work with other artists who inspire, challenge and support my growth. It is equally important to spent time alone with a clean white page to let new directions surface.Colour, texture, line and shape continue to fascinate and provide tools for me to answer the call that each of us has to express ourselves in the world. My work expresses my joy in the world around me, and often captures my passion for exploring new ideas as well as the pleasure of everyday beauty. It took me many years to be able to describe what it is that I do and yet it is so basic – I paint about being profoundly engaged in life and people respond to that simple message. 

As well as being a painter I am passionate about helping people learn what makes them tick through perosnality assessment tools such as the MBTI, the Enneagram and the Reiss Motivation Profile. Currently I am drawn to integrate my creative world and my coaching practice by helping people to let solutions emerge through the creative process. The best answers lie within - within the nature of the problem and within each person. The colours we chose, the lines we make and the images that attract us inform us and allow us to express what is important to us at our core. We live within metaphors of our own creation and part of my ‘raison d’etre’ is to help individuals tap into their own inner power. Then… possibility abounds.  


Sandy McMullen has exhibited paintings as a member of the Don Valley Art Club at the Hummingbird Centre and Scarborough Civic Centre. She has been in juried, private and group shows including The Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts annual show, The World of Picture Frames Gallery, the Magic Door Gallery in Sunderland and the Bayview Art Tour. She also has enjoyed on-going exhibits at Verity on Queen Street E., Stars Food Store and Catering on Millwood, the Adler School of Professional Coaching and RedEye Studio Gallery in the Historic Distillery District. Cornerstone 52 Foundation selected her work for their limited edition greeting card programme. Sandy’s show “Inner Landscapes” was part of events for 2005 International Coaching Awareness Month.

Her work is in private and corporate collections in Canada, the U.S., Denmark and England. Sandy’s paintings have been selected as artwork for the covers of books by authors such as Michael Jones and Mike Jay, both globally recognized educators  and  consultants in the art of leadership.  Most recently Sandy is delighted to be showing in The Grocer’s Gallery in Fenelon Falls, and with Covent Garden Fine Art Gallery in picturesque Wellington, Prince Edward County. Sandy's prints and paintings have also been featured on Orangefish, a new venture featuring one-of- a kind art pieces online.




We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about.”                       Charles Kingsley 1819 – 1875


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